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Mega Modz Macro Remap Controllers

Mega Modz Macro Master PS4 controller offers several major advantages over a regular modded controller and delivers different, more customizable experience. The main difference between the two is that a modded one will come pre-configured with options you will select at checkout. These options are designed for FPS primarily, and battle royale titles, to a lesser degree. The functionality of a Macro Master PS4 controller is not limited by selection of features at the moment of purchase and can be used in any way to meet your gaming goals. Although the product can be referred to as a Rapid Fire Turbo Controller for PS4 as many standard mods (Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Sniper Breath to name a few) can be closely replicated via its functionality, the performance is not game-specific and can be used with any video game of any genre - sports, fighting, shooting, adventures and others. Check out why an industry expert called it The Best PS4 Modified Controller.

Advanced, yet very user-friendly technology offering turbo, macro and remap capabilities is carried out through additionally installed elements: a modchip, a mod button, an LED indicator and 2 large buttons on the back. You are welcome to check out a complete Macro Remap Quick Specs list or keep reading to quickly learn the key features. Controller available modified inputs come via 5 sub-modes:

  • Turbo Mode allowing for any stock button to perform as a turbo one. Once you hold it down, the controller will auto press it for you. The timing of turbo buttons being pressed and released is adjustable.
  • Simple Remap which is assigning the function of any stock button to one of the Macro buttons on the back.
  • Auto Double-Tap allows performing double tap of any stock button on a single press. Timing of button presses and pauses between presses is adjustable.
  • Auto Triple-Tap does a triple button press on one press with an ability to adjust the timing as well.
  • Continuous Press offers an ability to hold down a paired stock button for a programmed period of time.

The exterior of Macro Master PS4 controller is ready for further customization through with different colors and textures available for most product elements. Personalize Your Dualshock 4 Macro Master controller look exactly to your liking!

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