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MegaModz Controller For PS5 Compatible With COD MW 3

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About This Product

Get ready, gamers! The gaming landscape is about to get richer with a new "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III." New, detailed maps, added Zombie mode - a great mix of classic COD and the latest technology Plus, there's a treasure trove of weaponry that'll have gear heads drooling and a co-op mode that'll redefine teamwork for you and your squad.

To be good at MW III, you need gear that's as sharp as your gaming instincts. That's where the Multi-Mod PS5 controller for MW III comes in. The product is tricked out with the "Reinforced" pack to jack up your gameplay and skyrocket that K/D ratio.

The controller's got 12 mods that are super helpful in the game, and they are legal to use. You've got your standard buttons, a smart LED, and a mod switch that you will be using a lot.

Ready to fire faster than your enemies? The shooting mods that are housed snugly in LED slot 1 have been designed for that. Whether it's Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, or using dual wield weapons with Akimbo and Dual Trigger, these mods are easily customizable to help you get your most effective fire rate

And for the strategist in you, the non-shooting mods in LED slots 2 to 4 are your special helpers. Aiming like a pro sniper, reloading at the speed of light, and pulling off those slick shoot-n-jump moves - are just a few of the functions you'll get.

Mega Modz brand fans recommend adding the back buttons - Standard Remap or Advanced type to your controller config for maximum performance. Plus, mechanical triggers, bumpers and buttons that are very fast and sensitive will add another layer of control to your game against the competition.

Gear up and start making history vs staying random.

Product Details

Item #: 00501
Manufacturer: SONY
Country of Origin: China
Product Dimensions: 2.6 X 6.3 X 4.2 Inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pound/16 ounces
Product Dimensions: 2.6 X 6.3 X 4.2 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds / 16 ounces
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Date first available at 11/8/2023 4:12 PM
Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here
Shipping Info: For detailed shipping information please click here

From the Manufacturer

Improve Your Kill / Death Ratio Fast

Cutting edge modifications for PS5 gaming controllers
years 11+ Years in business
people 100,000+ Customers Served
game console 180,000+ Controllers Built
speedometer 20+ Performance Upgrades

14 Controller Mods For Extra Skills

aim Aim
aim Spot the
aim Maneuver+
aim Easy
aim Aim
aim Shoot
Compatible Games - Cod, Apex, Fortnite, Battlefield, Destiny, Pubg

Programmable Back
Buttons For Personalized Control

Traditional Button Remapping
Add Mega Modz exclusive functions:
Turbo (Button Mashing) Auto Double Tap
Auto Triple Tap Long Button Press
Compatible With All Video Games
mods controllers

Mechanical Shoulder & Face Buttons For Faster Input And Response Time

control-system Increased in-game
control by 200%
control-system 4X Faster
control-system More precise
feedback by 120%
control-system 4X Faster
response time

Mega Modz vs The Others

Hardware Upgrades Only Controller Brands
Other Modded Controller Brands
Marco inputs including Tubo
Popular pre installed mods
Exclusive mods (Armor Repair Assist, Auto Heal)
Hardware component upgrades
No pc or app needed to operate
Easy video instructions
Fan Community via own Forums

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