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Discountable PS5, Xbox Series X Controllers


Improve Your Kill / Death Ratio Fast

Cutting edge modifications for PS5 gaming controllers
years 11+ Years in business
people 100,000+ Customers Served
game console 180,000+ Controllers Built
speedometer 20+ Performance Upgrades

14 Controller Mods For Extra Skills

Aim Better

Aim Better

Shoot Faster

Shoot Faster

Reload Instantly

Reload Instantly

Easy QuickScopes

Easy QuickScopes

Maneuver & ShooT

+ ShooT

Spot the Enemies

Spot the Enemies

Compatible Games - Cod, Apex, Fortnite, Battlefield, Destiny, Pubg

Programmable Back
Buttons For Personalized Control

Traditional Button Remapping
Add Mega Modz exclusive functions:
Turbo (Button Mashing) Auto Double Tap
Auto Triple Tap Long Button Press
Compatible With All Video Games
mods controllers

Mechanical Shoulder & Face Buttons For Faster Input And Response Time

control-system Increased in-game
control by 200%
control-system 4X Faster
control-system More precise
feedback by 120%
control-system 4X Faster
response time

Mega Modz VS The Others

Hardware Upgrades Only Controller Brands
Other Modded Controller Brands
Marco inputs including Tubo
Popular pre installed mods
Exclusive mods (Armor Repair Assist, Auto Heal)
Hardware component upgrades
No pc or app needed to operate
Easy video instructions
Fan Community via own Forums

The Mega Modz Guarantees


Gaming Results Improved

  • No more long hours of practice.
  • With all extra skills you select,
  • You will be able to keep up with others
  • Instantly and last longer in game.

Very Easy To Use

  • Simple navigation and menu
  • Easy for 11 - 65 yo
  • Quick video instructions and detailed written guides.
  • No app or installation required.

Durable For Years

  • Every controller gets heavily tested.
  • It won’t break.
  • If something happens to it - we’ve got you
  • covered with Standard & Extended warranty.

Great Post Purchase Support

  • 24/7/365 Customer Care
  • Mega Modz Community Help via Forums
  • 80% Returning Customer Rate
  • 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Legal To Use

  • Using our products won’t get you banned.
  • Not a single ban case in 11 years.
  • Mods and Macros are not hacking game codes.
  • It's a controller pressing buttons for you.

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