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Discountable PS5, Xbox Series X Controllers

Wireless Black Xbox Elite 2 Controller

Model Number: FST-00008 Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 889842196344

Custom Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Xbox Elite Pro Gaming Pad

Welcome to the Controller Creator platform for Xbox Elite 2 gamepads. A variety of custom faceplates available for the Elite series 2 controllers will help choose the best design that will add character to the product. One-of-a-kind custom, one color matte and chameleon front shells can be tried out via a photo-realistic functionality of the platform to see how they look on an actual controller.

Microsoft put a tremendous amount of effort into improving overall Elite 2 ergonomics and particular components of the gamepad. Buttons, d-pad, sticks, paddles installed by default and their replacements that come in the package for alternative configurations, have been thought out to the smallest detail. We feel that taking customization to another level by offering third party elements could negatively affect the pad performance. It's no accident the product has been called the most advanced gaming controller on the market and we want to keep it that way.


Product Name: Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller
Color/Design: Choose Your Own
Compatible Platform(s): Xbox One,Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PC, Iphone, Android
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Wireless Range: 40 feet
Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
USB Receiver: Yes
Included Accessories: Carrying Case, USB-C Cable (2.7 m), 6 Thumbsticks, 2 D-Pads, 4 Paddles, Charging Doc, Thumbstick-Adjustment Tool
Required Battery: Built in Lithium-ion
Haptic Feedback: 2 Impulse Triggers and 2 Rumble Motors
Haptic Feedback: 2 Rumble Motors
Model Number: FST-00008
UPC: 889842196344
Customization App: Xbox Accessories app available on Xbox One and Windows 10
Headset Jack: 3.5mm
Remap Buttons: 4 stainless steel paddles
Interchangeable Components: Paddles, D-pad, Thumbsticks
Hair Trigger Locks: 3-Position Trigger Locks
Adjustable weight: Not Available
Indicator Light(s): 3 LED Lights Profile Indicator
Illumination: Not Available
Modified: No
Mod Switch: No
Rapid Fire Mod: No
Special Mods: Not Available
Turbo Buttons: Not Available
Macros: Not Available
Motion Controls: No
NFC Reader: No
Standard: 90 Days
Extended: 1 Year
Choking Hazard Warning: Yes
Assembly Time: 1-7 Business Days

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