Mega Modz FPS Pro VS Scuf Reflex FPS - Which PS5 Pro Controller Should You Buy?

A new, promising PS5 Pro controller hit the market in September 2023. Our expert has rigorously tested and reviewed the newcomer: the Mega Modz PS5 FPS Pro.

Scuf Reflex VS MegaModz FPS Pro

In this review, we're pitting it against the revered standard in PS5 pro controllers, the Scuf Reflex Pro, in an unbiased, comprehensive face-off. Dive deep into our comparison of the two to determine which offers the utmost value. For an in-depth review of the Reflex FPS by itself, find our dedicated article here.

We’ll start with the fact that both controllers are designed for gamers seeking to elevate their gameplay with a high-end, pro-budget controller. Utilizing the PS5 DualSense as the foundation, they maintain most of its features.

While the Scuf Reflex Pro has been on the market for a while now, the Mega Mods PS5 FPS Pro was set to be released in September 2023 and is priced at approximately $200. The final price may vary based on your unique customizations, thanks to the wide array of options available on the Controller Configurator.

Packaging and Included Accessories

Scuf Reflex FPS Unboxing

The Mega Mods PS5 FPS Pro Controller arrives in its signature matte-finish box, laden with product details all over. When you open it, you'll find a setup similar to the standard PS5 DualSense. The controller lies inside a cardboard compartment, ensconced in a plastic bag.

It does, however, have some mobility within the box; it can shift side-to-side, implying less-than-optimal security. Dive deeper into the box, and you'll find the user manual. Notably, there are two concealed compartments: one housing a nine-foot-long USB type-C cable and the other containing extra thumbsticks.

On the other hand, the Scuff Reflex FPS boasts a sleeve design for its box, complete with a matte finish. Its packaging features a sleek sleeve with a matte finish, punctuated by striking orange details. Not only is this box eye-catching, but it's also brimming with information.

Slide away the sleeve to unveil a shimmering hexagonal design enhanced by those vibrant orange touches. Inside, the controller rests securely, designed to prevent any movement during shipping. It's nestled in a molded plastic cradle with foam padding to protect those crucial thumbsticks. The inclusion of a black plastic bag feels a tad mismatched. Dig deeper and you'll find a chic black accessories box housing a six-foot USB type-C cable and additional thumbsticks

While both controllers' packaging is information-rich and houses their respective accessories, their presentation is worlds apart. The Mega Mods box, with its more conventional design, lacks a premium feel and robust protection for the controller.

Meanwhile, Scuf's packaging feels akin to unboxing a luxury product, exuding quality with its careful design considerations and ensuring the product's safety. For its attention to detail, premium feel, and superior protection, the Reflex FPS takes the crown for the best unboxing impression.

Packaging and Included Accessories Winner

Design And Build Quality

MegaModz PS5 FPS Pro Controller

Moving on to the design, you can’t help but notice the FPS Pro is a class act. Drawing inspiration from the classic PS5 design, it flawlessly blends features like the d-pad and face buttons, offering easy access with an upgraded, slick appearance. Its clean front shell and subtly robust sides give the controller a smooth yet bold character. Flip it over, and you're treated to a rubberized grip that promises both comfort and control. Those four paddles? Not only are they quick to respond, but they also deliver a satisfying click, elevating the tactile feedback. The bumpers and triggers are perfectly clicky, and the snug panel gaps speak volumes about its top-tier build quality. Holding the FPS Pro, you immediately feel its sturdiness—it stands its ground, exuding a luxurious vibe.

Scuf Reflex PS5 FPS Controller

On the other hand, the Reflex FPS offers an equally captivating hand feel. While it sticks to a conventional layout for its d-pad and buttons, the tactile sensation is top-notch. Subtle Scuff insignias pepper the controller, seamlessly blending with its PS5-esque features. The back of the controller is a highlight: a prominent rubberized texture ensures it remains firmly in hand even during the fiercest gaming battles. A particular nod to the back paddle module, whose design and construction are stellar, especially the four paddles with their distinct hexagonal design. The immediacy of the triggers and bumpers feels like the sharp click of a high-end mouse. The solidity is palpable; there's no mistaking its premium construction.

Both controllers elevate the design of the PS5 DualSense, taking it to a pro-tier level. Their meticulous design, attention to detail, and outstanding build quality are commendable. The extensive grip areas on each controller promise hours of comfortable gameplay. It's clear that both controllers have set high benchmarks in pro-controller design, making it a challenge to declare a clear winner.

Given the merits of both, this category concludes in a tie.

Design And Build Quality Winner

Features and Specs

PS5 Pro Controller -  Features and Specs

When it comes to the specs of these controllers, there's a lot to unpack for the dedicated gamer. Let’s break them down into important sections and go over each parameter in detail.


The weight of a controller is crucial to shaping a gamer's experience. Too light, and it might come off as cheap; too heavy, and it feels like a premium piece of tech, but it could tire the user over extended gaming sessions.

In our showdown, the FPS Pro tips the scale at 296 grams, with the Reflex FPS slightly lighter at 286 grams. Interestingly, the Reflex FPS is officially listed at 300 grams, which hints that my scale might not be spot-on. Yet, the numbers do point out that the FPS Pro is marginally heftier, perhaps owing to its tactile face buttons.

But when you get down to the real-world feel, both controllers are neck-and-neck in the hand, with their weight difference barely noticeable. Considering the minimal weight distinction and the potential slight off-mark on my scale, I'd say this category is too close to call. Let's chalk it up as a tie.

Weight Winner


Both the FPS Pro and the Reflex Pro controllers are grounded in the PS5 DualSense technology, which means they share the same compatibility spectrum. Whether you're wired up or going wireless, both are ready to play nice with the PlayStation 5, Windows PCs (version 7 onwards), Apple gadgets, and Android devices.

Now, onto the tethered experience: The FPS Pro stretches the freedom with its 9-foot USB Type-C cable. This allows gamers more leeway when setting up. The Reflex Pro, on the flip side, provides a slightly more constrained 6-foot version of the same cable. Even though there's a bit of wiggle when you plug them in, both ensure a secure connection. A quick side note: while the Reflex Pro's cable is on the shorter side, its construction feels a tad more luxe.

Given the mirrored connectivity and the subtle cable nuances, it's hard to pick a clear winner here. This round, it seems, ends in a draw.

Connectivity Winner

Custom PS5 Controller

Face Buttons & D-Pad

The FPS Pro takes a leap into the future with its D-pad and face buttons. Thanks to Mega Modz, they've integrated tactile mechanical buttons, upping the game in terms of speed and responsiveness. Imagine the satisfying click of a high-end mouse—that's the kind of instant feedback we're talking about, needing just a gentle tap to respond.

On the other side, the Reflex Pro sticks closer to its roots, mirroring the familiar feel of the standard PS5 DualSense controller. They're smooth and efficient but without any notable innovations to up the ante.

The right D-pad and face buttons can be game-changers, especially in genres where every millisecond counts, be it FPS or combat games. With the FPS Pro, the mechanical buttons are quick off the mark and pack that rewarding tactile feedback. While the Reflex Pro's buttons are no doubt quality-made, they don't raise the bar beyond what the standard DualSense offers.

Tallying up the points, the FPS Pro confidently secures the win for this category.

Face Buttons & D-Pad Winner

Trigger, Bumpers & Locks

The FPS Pro comes locked and loaded with smart mechanical bumpers and triggers. They're swift, offering that crisp mouse-click feedback, and require just a whisper of pressure to set them into action. While they stick to the traditional size and don't have any additional grips or trigger stoppers, Mega Modz' clear intent here is raw speed. This does slightly narrow down the controller's versatility.

Then we have the Reflex Pro. It, too, boasts tactile bumpers and triggers, providing satisfying mouse-click feedback. It seems Scuff and Mega Mods are singing from the same hymn sheet, as the Reflex Pro also forgoes the trigger stop function. Instead, it's all about catering to those FPS enthusiasts, prioritizing lightning-fast reactions over anything else.

In the grand arena of tactile feedback, both controllers come out swinging, offering improved reaction times, which is especially beneficial in those high-octane shootouts. And with less force needed for activation, say goodbye to those tired fingers after marathon gaming sessions. While the bumpers on both feel pretty identical, the triggers tell a different story. The FPS Pro's triggers are more hair-trigger, activating at the slightest touch, while the Reflex Pro requires a wee bit more travel.

With this nuanced yet pivotal difference, the FPS Pro claims the crown for this round.

Trigger, Bumpers & Locks Winner

Remappable Back Buttons

PS5 Controller with paddles

The FPS Pro and Reflex Pro controllers both serve the pro-level gamer with their advanced paddle systems, but they differ in nuanced ways.

The FPS Pro features a four-paddle setup. Two of the paddles are positioned towards the edges of the controller, while the other two are more centrally located. Made of plastic, they span a large surface area but unfortunately don't offer additional grip.

When holding the controller in a natural grip, I find my fingers comfortably resting on the outer paddles. Accessing the inner paddles requires a bit more effort, but it's manageable. The design appears ergonomic, likely suiting a range of hand sizes. However, players who prefer to have all four fingers on the paddles might find it challenging, as the design doesn't naturally allow for it.

One notable issue with the FPS Pro is that there are no stoppers behind the two outer paddles. After activation, these paddles continue to flex downward, potentially slowing reaction time and leading to premature wear. A plus is that paddle mapping is straightforward and done directly from the controller.

On the other hand, the Reflex Pro also integrates a four-paddle system. These plastic paddles are ergonomically positioned toward the controller's edges. Like the FPS Pro, they don't provide extra grip, but the Reflex Pro stands out in that all four paddles are comfortably accessible in a natural grip without the need to stretch or adjust. This ease of use doesn't come at the cost of responsiveness; these paddles react quickly to inputs. Still, the outer paddles share a similar issue with the FPS Pro, lacking stoppers and thus flexing upon activation. The Reflex Pro offers quick paddle mapping directly from the controller, and it comes with three preset profiles to cater to different gaming needs.

Both controllers acknowledge how important back paddles are in pro-level gaming. We are talking about enhanced reaction times, character movement, and giving players an edge over their competitors. The FPS Pro is compact, offering a large paddle surface area with great tactile response. They're comfortable and user-friendly, though they could benefit from extra grip and fewer flex issues.

The Reflex Pro, in contrast, offers a bulkier four-paddle design but wins points for its feel, ease of use, and simultaneous accessibility of all paddles. Despite the distinctions in design, both controllers execute their functions exceptionally well. However, with its ease of using all paddles at once, the Reflex Pro narrowly edges out the FPS Pro in this round.

Remappable Back Buttons Winner


Mega Modz Interchangeable Thumbsticks for PS5 Controller

The FPS Pro really spoils gamers when it comes to thumbstick choices. From short concave to long domed variants, they've got a buffet of six options, all wrapped in that comfy, grippy rubber. Switching them out? It's as easy as pie—just lift, align, and pop the new one in.

Scuf Swappable Thumbsticks for PS5 Controller

Conversely, the Reflex Pro's thumbstick game is a tad more reserved. They come to the table with three choices: a long domed, a short concave, and a short domed. These too are dressed in soft rubber, but with a unique twist: a hexagonal pattern on the sides for added grip. But here's the catch: If you're looking to swap them out, brace yourself for a few extra steps. You'll have to pop off the trim plate before you can exchange thumbsticks. More steps, more time, and is a tad more fiddly compared to the FPS Pro.

Having customizable thumbsticks isn't just about looks; it's about personalized comfort and pinpoint aiming. The FPS Pro's wider array and simpler swapping method give it the edge. The Reflex Pro, while offering some customization, feels a bit more involved and limited in its choices.

Tallying it up, the FPS Pro takes home the gold in this thumbstick showdown.

Thumbsticks Winner

Battery Life

For the gaming marathoners out there, battery longevity is no small matter. And let's see how our contenders fare.

Both the FPS Pro and the Reflex Pro have an endurance level that clocks in at around 7 hours, particularly when you're knee-deep in FPS action. That's in the same ballpark as the standard DualSense controller. This shared stamina suggests they might be using the same battery technology that's in the standard DualSense. Now, I've seen some controllers out there boasting a hearty 20+ hours of juice. So, when juxtaposed against those, our two contestants seem a tad out of breath. There's a clear opportunity here for both brands to up their battery game in future iterations.

So, in the battery longevity showdown, it's a dead heat. Neither one pulls ahead, landing them both in a tie.

Battery Life Winner

The Verdict

Scuf Reflex VS Mega Modz FPS Pro - The Best PS5 Controller

Mega Modz came out swinging with their FPS Pro Controller, a piece of tech that screams "pro features" from every angle. The tactile delights of its mechanical D-pad and face buttons, combined with the simplicity of swapping thumbsticks, truly elevate its status. Throw in some grippy handles, snappy mechanical bumpers, triggers, and a snazzy four-paddle design, and you've got a controller that means business. But it's not all sunshine; Mega Mods needs to step up on packaging, tackle the paddle flex, and give us a bit more juice in the battery department.

On the flip side, unboxing the Scuff Reflex Pro is like unwrapping a luxury gift. Those soft, rubbery grips, the responsive bumpers and triggers, and its intuitive paddle layout speak volumes about its quality. But every rose has its thorns; the D-pad and face buttons could use some love, and that slight paddle flex and premium price tag might make some folks think twice.

So, the scoreboard tells a story: Mega Mods' FPS Pro edges out the champ in this duel. While the Scuff Reflex Pro holds its ground as a benchmark in pro controllers, it's evident Mega Modz brought their A-game with the FPS Pro.

It doesn't just match its counterpart in quality; it brings fresh features to the table and does so without breaking the bank. And the cherry on top is that next-level D-pad and face button system, making the FPS Pro, not just a contender but a gaming heavyweight.

Combining all the rounds—MegaModz FPS Pro V2 Scuf Reflex FPS—I declare the MegaModz FPS Pro the winner of this head-to-head.

Overall Winner

Ready to give it a try this fall?

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